Saturday, 11 February 2012

PGCE not going well

While applying for PGCE, I rang the universities to ask what they required of me at interview. They asked for
·      Proof of certificates
·      Short 5 minute lesson to be taught and bring any visuals
·      Portfolio of large range of work
·      English Exam
All these things I was able to provide and wasn’t a problem

However when ringing the universities, Bangor and Edge Hill were very rude on the phone which put me off straight away

Birmingham rejected my application

Gloucester invited me for an interview
·      Had an English exam while the secretary checked and photocopied my folder of certificates
·      5 minute short lesson on Leonardo Da Vinci given to a group of 5 children
·      20 minute individual interview with 2 teachers from the department
My application was rejected but no information as to why was given. Phoned the university but they couldn’t provide me with any

Bangor rejected my application

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