Saturday, 11 February 2012

In the meanwhile, better part time job opputunity

Better Part Time Job Opportunity
If I do the PTLLs and CTTLs route, they are only 1 day a week at college (plus with placement time on CTLLS) so can get a better part time job to fund myself

As I like drawing I have applied for a tattoo and body-piercing course. They are two separate courses but are linked when it comes to getting a job in one or the other.
The pay is good as a standard piercing in £20 for a 10-minute job and can earn anything from £50 to a couple hundred pounds for an hours sitting as a tattooist.


About the course

This course will deliver comprehensive insight into blade style and non-bleed cannula body piercing techniques. This course will also cover Micro Dermal Anchors and Skin Diver piercings.
This Professional Diploma body-piercing course covers both non-bleed cannula and blade body piercing courses. By incorporating "14 days home theory study", "3 days onsite practical training", "dermal anchor piercings", "skin diver piercings", "blade piercing techniques", Non-bleed cannula techniques", "free B & B", "hands on practical training in a real studio on real clients", "FREE unlimited telephone support during and after your training" and so much more you will study at an intense level to gain the our Highly sought after Professional Diploma in body piercing - Impressive!
This intensive body-piercing course is highly participative, interactive and practical complimented by extended theory lessons to provide a full working knowledge and understanding of all aspects of professional body piercing.

How long does the course take?

This industry leading courses is separated in to two main sections
First you will receive the course work 14 days prior to attending the school. This will provide you with enough time to study in the comfort of your own home and familiarise yourself with all aspect's of body piercing prior to putting your new skill in to practice.
Second you will attend The Academy - body-piercing school of excellence for 3 days for your practical session. Here you will practice real piercings on real clients in a working studio under strict supervision. Accommodation is included at no extra cost.
In total this is a 14 days course.

What's included?

All materials to enable you to successfully complete the Professional Diploma in body piercing, including comprehensive course work written specifically for The Academy - body piercing school of excellence, real clients to pierce, extended home theory study, hands on training in a real working studio, experienced and fully qualified teacher to guide and support you through the course, FREE bed & breakfast, unlimited telephone support, lifetime support guarantee, refreshments, and of course a Professional Diploma upon completion.

What will I get out of it?

Description: ulletAbility to competently perform the full range of body piercings including Dermal implants and skin diver piercings

Description: ulletKnowledge of both blade and non bleed cannula piercing techniques

Description: ulletExtended course length (17 days) 3 days onsite and 14 days home study

Description: ulletIn-depth knowledge of piercing names, placements and appropriate jewellery

Description: ulletHealth, safety and hygiene in the studio including the control of blood Bourne viruses

Description: ulletFREE bed & breakfast

Description: ulletInsight to the history of body piercing

Description: ulletBody piercing aftercare

Description: ulletIdentifying workplace hazards

Description: ulletReal hands on experience in a real working studio on real clients

Description: ulletProfessional Diploma in body piercing

 Cost: £954
Had to dip into savings so need another £1000 to save for MA
Home study and free bed and breakfast on in house training


Good job prospects after

Home study

Can afford

The Courses

The Tattoo Training Centre has worked closely with one of the UK's leading certification bodies giving you and accredited certificate in tattooing. This certificate comes with our 2 and 6-week courses. The Accredited Tattoo Training Certificate covers all aspects of tattoo training from health and safety to carrying out tattooing techniques. A portfolio of you works from day one will be made.

2 Week Course: This is set out in tasks where a portfolio of work will be made to include First Aid, Tattoo Safety and Hygiene, Tattoo Equipment Familiarisation, Tattoo Needles and how they work, Tattoo Ink, Tattooing On Synthetic Skin, Creating The Tattoo Stencil And Applying It, Selecting and location of tattoos, Explanation of pain, Tattoo Outlines, Tattoo Shading, After The Tattoo, setting up your own Tattoo Shop, Pricing safe needle disposal, advertising, how to deal with customers, Free business advice from our start up advisor, and much more including Training material, hand-outs and a free tattoo starter kit and certificates.  £1999.
6 Week Course: This course is set out in 3,2 week modules totalling 6 weeks plus additional assessments throughout.
Module 1, Health and safety, this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Module 2, Drawing skills and setting up a workstation this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Module 3, tattooing skills this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Course cost £2000 per module or book all 3 for £4500
Incorporates drawing interest
Dip into savings again

Portfolio building

Can afford

Good career prospect

Get additional qualifications like hygiene and first aid

Don’t take long to do

With the piercing, I have been offered a job already once I have my certificate and can provide evidence May be able to get into tattooing at the same shop

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