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I want to do an MA. From doing a lot of digital and new media art in my degree and my enjoyment of drawing I do as a past time I thought about doing an MA in a media production course or Visual effects.
A course I liked was:
MA digital effect at Bournemouth University
 RED=what I need   BLUE =what I have

1 year full-time
Entry requirements:
UK BA (hons) Degree; 2:1 or above.
 Portfolio Requirements: Digital Self Portrait Photography Drawing / Painting New Media Work
Interview Requirements: Personal Statement, Communication Skills, Aptitude for Digital Effects, and Aptitude for Post Graduate Study.
Relevant subjects:
Art, Media, Design, Filmmaking, and Photography
The course focuses on the balance of:
  • Acquisition video for Digital Effects Production
  • 3D Animation Systems for Digital Effects Production
  • 2D Compositing Systems for Digital Effects Production
Supporting these disciplines is:
  • The understanding of Digital Effects Theory and Practice
  • The principles of Photo-Realism
  • Common lectures on wider aspects of Computer Graphics
  • Master Classes and presentations from invited Industry Speakers
Where could this lead?
Graduates of the MA Digital Effects Programme have gone on to work for a variety of International VFX Companies including:
  • Double Negative (Inception, Scott Pilgrim, Batman Begins)
  • Digital Domain (Transformers, Thor, X-Men, Tron Legacy)
  • Framestore CFC (Captain America, Avatar, Harry Potter)
  • Cinesite (Battle LA, Clash of the Titans, Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Sony Picture Image Works (Smurfs, The Amazing Spiderman)
  • Weta (King Kong, Gulliver’s Travels, District 9)
  • Framestore Commercials
  • Realise Studios
Who should do this course?
Previous successful applicants have included among others Photographers, Ceramic Artists, Fashion Designers, Multimedia Artists, Architectural Visualizers, Film Makers, Fine Artists, and existing CGI Artists looking to refine and expand their knowledge base. We also accept applications from non-art based backgrounds such as Computer Science, Maths or Engineering; however we expect such applications to be complimented by a strong visual portfolio demonstrating clear artistic ability.
Tell me more…
A good place to start learning about MA Digital Effects is our NCCA Digital Effects YouTube website which showcases many of our previous graduates work from the past 5 years or so.
Applicants to MA Digital Effects should fulfil the following academic criteria:
  • Graduates with a 2:1 or above Honours Degree (dissertation)
  • Professional Qualifications or Diplomas deemed equivalent to a 2:1 or above Honours Degree
  • Industrial Experience deemed equivalent to a 2:1 or above Honours Degree ·
  • Exceptionally well-qualified applicants from other non-art related disciplines may also be considered at the discretion of the Assessment Panel
  • A clear precise Personal Statement detailing why MA Digital Effects is the right programme for you, and what you think makes a good Postgraduate student.
Applicants should also present a well-rounded art based portfolio containing the following types of work:
  • A Digital Self Portrait specifically created for application to MA Digital Effects
  • Examples of Photography
  • Examples of Drawing and if possible, Painting
  • Examples of New Media work
Why study MA Digital Effects?
  • Unique course in the UK regularly heralded by Industry
  • Excellent Career Opportunities
  • Fine Art Underpinnings and Sensibilities
  • Focused Intensive Study
  • Robust Future Facing Academic Teaching and Tutorial Support
  • Industry Standard Software (Houdini, Nuke, Mari, PFTrack)
  • One computer per student
  • Green Screen / Motion Capture Facilities
  • Industry Experienced Staff
  • Technical Demonstrator Support
  • 24/7 Access to MA Digital Effects Computer Studio
  • London based Degree Show for Industry review

Subject relevant
Move away – additional living cost
Will have to learn programs in order to meet portfolio requirement
Fine art/photography degree may give me a different edge help me stand out
Course= £7000. Got £8000 saved. Need to save for living costs etc.
Good prospect opportunities on graduation

Graduation show in London- networking be good

I meet most of the requirements apart from having done the self-portrait in digital media – but I can learn to do this. Can probably do it on Photoshop, which I am good at.

Got more pros than cons

Most of the things I need to do aren’t hard to get e.g. a personnel statement

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