Saturday, 11 February 2012

to consider:

Something to Consider
I’ve been in contact with photographer/ cameraman Jamie McPherson who has worked on Frozen Planet who says the best way into industry is to get experience. Not do an MA. Do I need to do an MA?
Gap year? Just get a tattoo and piercing and do PTLLs and CTLLs so have something to fall back on and do these experiences?

experiance towards my wildlife documentary MA

Once I have done this training, and got through my 30 weeks training needed to complete my PTLLs and CTTLs I can do some workshops in community centers, etc. in drawing/photography etc. could also use these as my placement hours for assessment. Through getting this better paid work I can afford better equipment to build up my portfolio and maybe do a couple of these course to help build it:

Short wildlife film making course
Experience a filmmaking course and produce real wildlife footage in beautiful South Africa. Our Wildlife Film Academy offers students the chance to learn more about wildlife filmmaking and will help you to develop your career as a wildlife filmmaker.
This placement operates a globally unique one-month intensive course in South Africa, one of the most beautiful well-known countries. This exciting and educational course has been developed by International, experienced and award-winning wildlife filmmakers. If your dream is to film the wildest of animals in their natural environment and develop your skills as a wildlife filmmaker then this course is a must.
This course has been designed with you in mind and the following key elements make the course successful:
  • A practical filming location shoot in a stunning wildlife game reserve to give you hands on camera experience in Southern Africa.
  • Tutorials and lectures developed by renowned wildlife filmmakers who know how hard it are to make a start in the wildlife filmmaking industry.
  • Individual access to editing suites and tutors to enable you to complete your own film at the end of the course, which you can use as a promo for a bigger project.
  • Specific focus on Business Skills to provide you with an understanding of budgeting, negotiations to enable you to survive long-term in the industry.
Pre-Production and Lectures at the Academy
  • Introduction, orientation and inspiration
  • What do commissioning editors, broadcasters and distributors want?
  • Conceptualising and pitching
  • Camera technology, high definition, shot composition and lighting
  • Soundtracks, sequencing and an introduction to shooting and editing
  • Funding and budgeting
  • Exposure to key industry contacts, networks and wildlife film festivals
4 WEEKS – £2,949
Go to southern Africa
Will have to use savings, start saving for MA from scratch


Have own film at the end of the course help my portfolio

Industry contacts

Short course

Thanda Photography project
Thanda Private Game reserve, is ideally situated in a private game reserve of 14,000 hectares of pristine bush and is home to the Big 5, the extremely rare African Wild Dog and Cheetah. The area is home to the Zulu tribe, a group of people with a very lively and colourful culture.
It is within this impressive setting that we offer you the opportunity to improve your photography skills, to photograph the phenomenal wildlife in the area, and to help raise awareness in the local community about the importance of conservation.
In the impressive setting of a Private Big 5 Game Reserve, this unique programme offers photography enthusiasts the opportunity to get a different perspective on Africa…
Project Highlights:
  • Improve your photography skills in a 3 day intensive course taught by an experienced professional photographer
  • Stay in the heart of a Big 5 Game Reserve
  • Take pictures of the extensive wildlife on regular game drives.
  • Learn and photograph smaller species of flora and fauna
  • Help to create a photo database for awareness and educational purposes
  • Help raise awareness in the local community about the importance of conservation
  • Assist on conservation initiatives within the Park e.g. Snare Sweeps and Alien Plant control
  • Supporting The Thanda Foundation
  • Make friends for life!
Thanda Game Reserve Wildlife Photography and Conservation Education project offers a varied range of photography and conservation components. Volunteers will start with an in-depth orientation, followed by an intensive 3-day photography course with a professional photographer to improve on your photography skills. A further 3 weeks will be spent photographing the phenomenal wildlife in the park, which boasts all of Africa’s Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) and also doing conservation partnership with the Thanda Foundation. Those that wish to stay on for an extra 2/4 weeks, will be working closely with the research volunteers to assist them in gathering photo research that is still needed. They will also have the opportunity to visit neighbouring reserves, such as Pongola.
Time Off
Your project managers are responsible for organising your daily activities, which will vary from day-to-day.  A typical day may look like this:
05:30 – Get up and get ready for your morning drive
06:00 – Depending on the schedule you will usually head off to the photography area for that day on a game drive to capture photographs of the wildlife, landscapes or people around the area
09:30 – Return for breakfast and to edit your photographs
12:30 – Lunch break
14.00 – Start of your afternoon projects. You may be working on adding your new pictures to the database, or you may work on a conservation activity
16.30 – You will evaluate the day with fellow volunteers and project coordinators, and discuss the schedule for the next day
18.30 – Dinner. After dinner, you may be presenting your top 5 images to the other volunteers
Morning times and end of day times do vary depending on where you are visiting and best conditions for taking photographs, for instance if you are going on a day Game drive you will start much earlier e.g. 05:00 am
Please note: Volunteers are given Saturday and Sunday off each week.
4 WEEKS – £1729
6 WEEKS – £2249
8 WEEKS – £2759

Dip into savings
Chance to really build portfolio

Go to Africa

Industry contacts

In the meanwhile, better part time job opputunity

Better Part Time Job Opportunity
If I do the PTLLs and CTTLs route, they are only 1 day a week at college (plus with placement time on CTLLS) so can get a better part time job to fund myself

As I like drawing I have applied for a tattoo and body-piercing course. They are two separate courses but are linked when it comes to getting a job in one or the other.
The pay is good as a standard piercing in £20 for a 10-minute job and can earn anything from £50 to a couple hundred pounds for an hours sitting as a tattooist.


About the course

This course will deliver comprehensive insight into blade style and non-bleed cannula body piercing techniques. This course will also cover Micro Dermal Anchors and Skin Diver piercings.
This Professional Diploma body-piercing course covers both non-bleed cannula and blade body piercing courses. By incorporating "14 days home theory study", "3 days onsite practical training", "dermal anchor piercings", "skin diver piercings", "blade piercing techniques", Non-bleed cannula techniques", "free B & B", "hands on practical training in a real studio on real clients", "FREE unlimited telephone support during and after your training" and so much more you will study at an intense level to gain the our Highly sought after Professional Diploma in body piercing - Impressive!
This intensive body-piercing course is highly participative, interactive and practical complimented by extended theory lessons to provide a full working knowledge and understanding of all aspects of professional body piercing.

How long does the course take?

This industry leading courses is separated in to two main sections
First you will receive the course work 14 days prior to attending the school. This will provide you with enough time to study in the comfort of your own home and familiarise yourself with all aspect's of body piercing prior to putting your new skill in to practice.
Second you will attend The Academy - body-piercing school of excellence for 3 days for your practical session. Here you will practice real piercings on real clients in a working studio under strict supervision. Accommodation is included at no extra cost.
In total this is a 14 days course.

What's included?

All materials to enable you to successfully complete the Professional Diploma in body piercing, including comprehensive course work written specifically for The Academy - body piercing school of excellence, real clients to pierce, extended home theory study, hands on training in a real working studio, experienced and fully qualified teacher to guide and support you through the course, FREE bed & breakfast, unlimited telephone support, lifetime support guarantee, refreshments, and of course a Professional Diploma upon completion.

What will I get out of it?

Description: ulletAbility to competently perform the full range of body piercings including Dermal implants and skin diver piercings

Description: ulletKnowledge of both blade and non bleed cannula piercing techniques

Description: ulletExtended course length (17 days) 3 days onsite and 14 days home study

Description: ulletIn-depth knowledge of piercing names, placements and appropriate jewellery

Description: ulletHealth, safety and hygiene in the studio including the control of blood Bourne viruses

Description: ulletFREE bed & breakfast

Description: ulletInsight to the history of body piercing

Description: ulletBody piercing aftercare

Description: ulletIdentifying workplace hazards

Description: ulletReal hands on experience in a real working studio on real clients

Description: ulletProfessional Diploma in body piercing

 Cost: £954
Had to dip into savings so need another £1000 to save for MA
Home study and free bed and breakfast on in house training


Good job prospects after

Home study

Can afford

The Courses

The Tattoo Training Centre has worked closely with one of the UK's leading certification bodies giving you and accredited certificate in tattooing. This certificate comes with our 2 and 6-week courses. The Accredited Tattoo Training Certificate covers all aspects of tattoo training from health and safety to carrying out tattooing techniques. A portfolio of you works from day one will be made.

2 Week Course: This is set out in tasks where a portfolio of work will be made to include First Aid, Tattoo Safety and Hygiene, Tattoo Equipment Familiarisation, Tattoo Needles and how they work, Tattoo Ink, Tattooing On Synthetic Skin, Creating The Tattoo Stencil And Applying It, Selecting and location of tattoos, Explanation of pain, Tattoo Outlines, Tattoo Shading, After The Tattoo, setting up your own Tattoo Shop, Pricing safe needle disposal, advertising, how to deal with customers, Free business advice from our start up advisor, and much more including Training material, hand-outs and a free tattoo starter kit and certificates.  £1999.
6 Week Course: This course is set out in 3,2 week modules totalling 6 weeks plus additional assessments throughout.
Module 1, Health and safety, this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Module 2, Drawing skills and setting up a workstation this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Module 3, tattooing skills this is a process of tasks, and assessments 2 weeks class room and home assessments
Course cost £2000 per module or book all 3 for £4500
Incorporates drawing interest
Dip into savings again

Portfolio building

Can afford

Good career prospect

Get additional qualifications like hygiene and first aid

Don’t take long to do

With the piercing, I have been offered a job already once I have my certificate and can provide evidence May be able to get into tattooing at the same shop


Incase they cant offer me a place, another route I was going to try was the PTLLS, CTLLS and possibly the DTLLS course

The PTLLS is 10 weeks, CTLLS 20 weeks and 2 years for DTLLS
I want to do these at Wolverhampton College as it’s close to where I live

Award in Preparing to Teach in LLS L4 - (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector PTLLS.)

This is a mandatory award that provides an introduction for those new to teaching and training. It is designed as a qualification which will equip a wide range of teachers/trainers and facilitators with a 'threshold licence to teach' in the Lifelong Learning Sector. It is therefore aimed at those who:
  • Want or require an introduction to delivering training/tutoring/teaching in further and adult education.
  • Are seeking career progression in their area of work.
  • May not be currently teaching.
Entry Requirements
Student’s need to:
  • Be fully qualified in the subject they wish to teach.
  • Be in possession of basic literacy and numeracy skills.
In order to meet this requirement it will be expected that students have a level of understanding and skills equivalent to Key Skills Level 2/GCSE (Grade C or above). Students will be subject to an initial assessment procedure prior to enrolment to ensure this is the case regardless of what qualifications they possess.
There is no teaching practice requirement for this course.
Course Content
This Level 4 Award comprises of 5 sections, detailed as follows:
  • Section 1: Understand own role responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching.
  • Section 2: Understand appropriate teaching and learning approaches in the specialist area.
  • Section 3: Demonstrate session planning skills.
  • Section 4: Understand how to deliver inclusive sessions, which motivate learners.
  • Section 5: Understand the use of different assessment methods and the need for record keeping.
How will I be assessed?
Assessment is by two mandatory assignments, one assignment is concerned with theory and one with practice. Each assignment involves a series of tasks that cover all 5 sections of the Award.
The practice assignment will also involve the delivery of a micro teaching session to the peer group. It would be expected all submitted work is word-processed. All assignment work is marked by the tutor on a pass/refer basis and is subject to moderation.
What can I do next?
The award offers a progression route into other initial teacher training programmes that are concerned with the Lifelong Learning Sector.
Those seeing themselves as having an Associate Teacher Role (i.e. having limited teaching responsibilities teaching one level/subject/type of learner, teaching short courses etc.) can progress onto the Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS).
Those who see themselves as having a Full Time Teacher Role (i.e.. teaching across a range of levels/subjects/learning groups, teaching across a range of programmes etc.) will need to consider direct entry onto the Certificate of Education/PGCE, which incorporates the criteria of Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.



Nearly have all the requirements

Need to pass maths

Don’t have to move away


Just 2 assignments




Short course


Progression onto CTLLS




Certificate In Teaching In The LLS L3 - (C&G 7304 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS))

This qualification is designed to enable candidates to:
  • Adopt an integrated approach to the theory and practice of teaching.
  • Reflect on their own previous/current levels of experience, practice and skills and areas for development.
  • Identify principles of learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation.
  • Develop communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Develop an awareness of their professional role and responsibilities.
The qualification is suitable for those who work or want to work as:
  • Teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector provided they are qualified/experienced in the subject they teach.
  • Technicians and support staff in further and adult education.
  • Training personnel in commerce, industry, the public sector, the uniformed services or HM Forces.
Entry Requirements
Students will need to:
  • Be fully qualified in the subject they wish to teach.
  • Be in possession of the necessary literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Have arranged the necessary 30 hours of teaching practice.
  • Have successfully completed the Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).
  • Be fulfilling the Associate Teacher role.
Course Content
This is a minimum of 24-credit qualification consisting of 3 mandatory units (total 18 units) and optional unit to the minimum value of 6 credits.
The 3 mandatory units are:
  • Planning to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. This mandatory unit is carried forward from the Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, which forms a necessary prerequisite to this qualification.
  • Planning and enabling learning.
  • Principles and practice of assessment.
How will I be assessed?
Each unit within the qualification will be assessed by two City & Guilds assignments. One assignment is concerned with theory and one with practice. Each involves meeting a series of requirements as specified by the Guilds, including the observation of at least 3 hours of teaching practice delivery.
Each assignment is graded on a pass or refer basis.
All assignment work needs to be word-processed.
What can I do next?
The award offers progression onto other training and development programmes


The requirements I need ill get when I graduate uni and finish PTLLS
Need to get a placement

Before can get onto DTLLS I need to be working in Teaching sector according to Wolverhampton University the main provider for the course ran at the college

As of April (according to careers Advisor) they will employ DTLLS in secondary so ill have a wider range of jobs available to me